Outside of higher taxes on everyone, we don’t know a lot about what President Obama’s second term agenda would look like. But we do know this: it would mean a lot more taxpayer investments in green energy companies. Campaigning in Florida earlier this year, Obama told supporters he would “double-down on a clean energy industry that’s never been more promising.” Never mind that almost 50 energy companies Obama has already wasted tax payer dollars on are either faltering or already bankrupt.

So if Obama’s energy investments aren’t producing any new viable green energy companies, then what are they doing? Electing Democrats for one. Emails released yesterday by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee show that Obama was personally involved in approving two Department of Energy loans that went to Nevada companies in order to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., win his 2010 reelection campaign.

“Reid may be desperate,” DOE Loan Program Office Senior Credit Advisor Jim McCrea wrote in 2010, “WH may want to help. Short term considerations may be more important than longer term considerations and what’s a billion anyhow?” Yes, what is a billion dollars in other people’s money anyhow?

And when Obama energy money isn’t trying to elect Democrats it is enriching liberal corporate insiders. A Washington Examiner analysis of SEC filings from the 15 publicly traded green energy companies that received federal stimulus subsidies shows that the officers and directors of these firms extracted $63.9 million in stock gains after Obama gave these companies more than $700 million in direct taxpayer grants. The stocks of these 15 publicly traded green energy companies have plummeted almost 80 percent since Obama invested in them and many of them are either in bankruptcy or on their way there.

If Obama wins reelection next Tuesday, there is nothing stopping him from using taxpayer dollars to elect Democrats and enrich his liberal allied for another four years.

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