President Obama is back from last week's overseas trip. Today he will sign a Presidential Memorandum on reducing the burden of student loan debt. The executive order will cap repayments for borrowers at 10 percent of their monthly income.

"This is commencement season, a time for graduates and their families to celebrate one of the greatest achievements of a young person's life." Obama said in his weekly address on Saturday. "But for many graduates, it also means feeling trapped by a whole lot of student loan debt."

Federal student loan debt reached over $1 trillion dollars last year.

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs will meet tonight for an oversight hearing to discuss access to the VA health care system. A report was released last week showing improper scheduling that hid delays in treatments. Among the witnesses will be a representative for the U.S. Government Accountability Office and citing inspector general for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The results are in and Ed Gillespie is the official winner of Saturday's Virginia Republican Convention. The former Republican National Committee Chairman beat out three opponents, Shak Hill, Tony DeTora and Chuck Moss, to get the nomination. Gillespie will face the incumbent, Sen. Mark Warner in the November elections.