“This is a huge difference between the two of us,” former-Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine said at last night’s U.S. Senate debate in Blacksburg, Virginia. “I do not think it is anti-Virginian to support the president of the United States.”

And Kaine is right. It is not anti-Virginian to support the president of the United States. But Kaine did far more than just “support” President Obama when he was chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Through 2009 and 2011, Kaine was not only Obama’s number one cheerleader, but he also defamed and insulted Republicans at every turn. “He called Republicans corrosive, the Donner party, the tea bag party,” his opponent, former-Virginia Gov. George Allen, said last night. “That is not bipartisanship.”

Kaine’s lockstep partisan support for Obama should be the issue for Virginia voters as they choose which candidate to support this November. As The Washington Examiner editorial endorsing Allen today notes, Virginia’s continued ability to economically outperform its neighbors depends on it:

A big reason why both CNBC and Chief Executive Magazine ranked Virginia in the top 10 states to do business was its low tax burden. By contrast, a big reason Maryland finished in the bottom of both state business rankings is that its tax burden is so high.

Obamacare will force Virginia to spend far more on health care than it does today. That extra money will have to come from either higher taxes, lower education spending or lower infrastructure spending. Is that really a decision Virginians want the federal government to force them to make?

Allen has made the responsible development of Virginia’s natural resources the centerpiece of his campaign’s jobs plan. That is exactly the type of common-sense conservative leadership that has made Virginia’s economic rebound possible. Virginia needs a senator that will represent their interests, not one political party’s, in Washington. That senator is George Allen.

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