Thousands of union protesters are expected to descend on the Capitol in Lansing today as Gov. Rick Snyder preparesvto sign legislation making Michigan the nation’s 24th right to work state. President Obama, in Detroit campaigning for his $1.6 trillion tax hike Monday, said the bills “don’t have to do with economics; they have everything to do with politics.” But as Detroit Free Press columnist Tom Walsh explains, that is just not true:

Public employee unions opposed Snyder’s moves to put more teeth into emergency manager laws that would enable swifter action to rescue cities and school districts that bungled themselves into insolvency.

In Detroit, Mayor Dave Bing and a spineless City Council were stonewalled by employee unions at every turn, slow-walking needed reforms and cost-cutting while the city burned through cash at a frightening rate.

As a result, Snyder’s patient attempt to help fix Detroit via consent agreement instead of imposing an emergency manager has failed.

To top it off, Snyder found himself having to fight off Proposal 2, the ill-advised November ballot attempt to stuff a bag of goodies for organized labor into the Michigan Constitution.

Union political power has allowed Michigan to be an economic basket case for far too long. It is no accident that the state has both the highest unionization rate and the highest unemployment rate in the region.

Michigan State Police Inspector Gene Adamczyk declined to say how many Michigan State Police had been called to Lansing to defend the Capitol from union protestors Tuesday. He said divulging the number would cede a “tactical advantage” to the protestors.

Let’s hope the Michigan State Police do their job and keep the peace today. And that Snyder makes history by bringing economic hope back to Michigan.

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