President Obama’s spinmeisters may be trying to portray Tuesday’s fiscal cliff deal as a huge win for the White House, but the nation’s headline writers don’t seem to be buying it. Here’s a sampling of front-page stories from across the country.

The Wall Street Journal: Fresh Budget Fights Brewing
The Associated Press, Fiscal-cliff deal no recipe for a robust economy
The New York Times, Lawmakers Gird for Next Fiscal Clash, on Debt Ceiling
The Washington Post, On cliff, a taste of future debates
The Miami Herald, For Florida’s struggling economy, cliff compromise will cost billions
Orlando Sentinel, Fiscal debate pits needs of retirees, young
The Columbus Dispatch, Cliffhanger hangover
The Denver Post, Off cliff, not out of woods
San Jose Mercury News, Take-home pay will feel pinch
The Sacramento Bee, Debate shifts to retiree benefit cuts

Now that Obama has gotten the tax hikes on the wealthy he campaigned for, the consensus seems to be that it is time for Washington to turn to the true cause of out nation’s continuing fiscal crisis: spending. And Obama no longer has the luxury of negotiating with an automatic $4.6 trillion tax hike looming in the background. Instead, he has to deal with a scheduled $1 trillion in spending cuts and an impending debt limit hike. All of this will have to be resolved in a toxic Washington atmosphere only made worse by Obama’s penchant for pep rally PR stunts like the one he pulled on New Year’s Eve.

If you thought 2012 was bad, 2013 is already looking a lot worse.

From The Washington Examiner
Examiner Editorial: A year of ‘fiscal cliff’ crises coming up
Tim Carney: How corporate tax credits got in the ‘cliff’ deal
Phillip Klein: Past the ‘cliff,’ debt ceiling promises a more brutal fight

In Other News
The New York Times, Stalling of Storm Aid Makes Northeast Republicans Furious:
Northeastern Republicans, long outnumbered and overshadowed in their own party nationally, erupted in fury on Wednesday after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives blocked a measure that sought to provide billions of dollars in aid to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other states pummeled by Hurricane Sandy.
The Los Angeles Times, New rule makes residency easier for immigrants: Illegal immigrants who are immediate relatives of American citizens will have an easier path to permanent residency under a new Obama administration rule that could affect as many as 1 million of the estimated 11 million people unlawfully in the United States.
The Huffington Post, Obama’s Immigration Reform Push To Begin This Month: An Obama administration official said the president plans to push for immigration reform this January. Aides expect it will take about two months to write a bipartisan bill, then another few months before it goes up for a vote, possibly in June.

Righty Playbook
Yuval Levin posts chats on our nation’s spending problem.
Steven Greenhut predicts Tough Year Ahead for California Taxpayers.
Reihan Salam on The Right’s Entitlement Reform Dilemma and the Politics of the Parenting Class.
George Will on Our decadent democracy.

Lefty Playbook
John Judis says Obama won the fiscal cliff fight.
Ezra Klein says Obama won the fiscal cliff fight.
Think Progress notes that Thanks To Gerrymandering, Democrats Would Need To Win The Popular Vote By Over 7 Percent To Take Back The House.
Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., believes a trillion dollar coin is Obama’s way out of debt limit crisis.