It was supposed to be a major policy address on an issue of primary importance to his political base. But when President Obama began to deliver his almost hour-long speech on climate change yesterday, the biggest voice in progressive media, MSNBC, only covered the speech for a total of 41 seconds. Obama’s favorite target for media criticism, Fox News, carried his speech for less than five minutes, while CNN aired it for less than 10 minutes. Only The Weather Channel gave Obama’s climate speech a full airing.

Democrats just aren’t that into him anymore
And according to The Washington Post‘s latest poll, the progressive producers at MSNBC aren’t the only liberals that are suffering from Obama fatigue. Chris Cillizza reports that the percentage of Democrats who hold “strongly favorable” views of Obama has tumbled from 72 percent in January to just 58 percent today. Cillizza speculates, “Obama devoted the most powerful moments of his 2013 State of the Union address to the necessity of Congress passing gun control legislation. That push became a touchstone for Democrats across the country. It failed. While immigration reform remains in process, there’s not much he can point to that excites his base at the moment.”

Ohioans don’t like the job he’s doing
And according to Quinnipiac University, Obama’s approval ratings are cratering in the midwest. Quinnipiac’s latest poll of Ohio shows just 40 percent of Ohioans approve of Obama’s job as president while 57 percent disapprove. That is his lowest grade ever in Ohio and almost tied for his lowest rating ever, 39 – 57, in Florida in 2011. Independents are Obama’s biggest defectors in the Buckeye state with just 34 percent approving and 64 percent disapproving.

Fox says more Americans don’t like him at all
new Fox News Poll shows Obama’s favorability ratings have tumbled far further than The Washington Post lets on. Where the Post, at least, still shows more Americans have a favorable opinion of Obama than an unfavorable one, 53 percent to 44 percent, Fox now shows more Americans view Obama unfavorably, 51 percent, than view him favorably, 47 percent. No Fox poll has ever shown Obama with a negative favorability rating before today.

Unless Obama gets a big win by delivering citizenship to illegal immigrants, it is hard to see how he turns this downward slide around.

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