At least 24 people were killed Monday when a massive tornado destroyed a two-mile-wide swath of Moore, Okla., an Oklahoma City suburb. The state medical examiner’s office warns that number is likely to climb. Tragically, natural disasters have become a political football in this country and the Moore tornado had hardly dissipated before liberals began to use it to attack conservatives.

“This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives,” the liberal founder of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” Lizz Winstead, tweeted before the full extent of the damage was known. She later explained that she was only “satirizing fact Falwell, Robertson, WBC, Colson claimed God sent Katrina, Sandy, other storms bcuz of liberals, gays, abortion.” Winstead later deleted her original tweet.

Politico’s Glenn Thrush, however, still has up his tweet noting, “I’m a douche low-life scumbag jackhole ghoul for noting Coburn already wants offsets to fed aid and Inhofe is climate change denier.”

Thrush’s tweet came just minutes after the Huffington Post pressed Sen. Tom Coburn’s office about whether the Oklahoma Republican would seek offsets for any disaster relief spending beyond FEMA’s existing budget. “That’s always been his position [to offset disaster aid],” Coburn spokesman John Hart said. “He supported offsets to the bill funding the OKC bombing recovery effort.”

Bashing Inhofe, too

Expect more liberals to join Thrush’s attack on Oklahoma’s other Republican senator, former Tulsa Mayor James Inhofe. Inhofe is a veteran and effective critic of global warming alarmism. He opposes global warming taxes in the Senate, and, while liberals steadfastly ignore historical temperature data that contradicts their global warming claims, they blame every natural disaster (Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy; Joplin, Mo., tornado, etc.) on global warming’s alleged effects on weather patterns.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a country where people forget politics and help each other whenever natural disasters strike? Unfortunately, that’s not how liberals in Washington see the world. Even so, Americans do well when they stick to their principles, like Coburn and Inhofe, in good times and bad.