For the vast majority of Americans, this is a single issue election. According to Gallup, a full 63 percent of Americans named the “economy” or “unemployment” as the most important issue to them. The only other issue to even reach double digits was the “federal budget deficit.” Considering these numbers, The Washington Examiner had an easy time deciding which candidate to endorse in this presidential election. From our endorsement of Mitt Romney today:

Under his administration, Cabinet secretaries from academic and political backgrounds, who with few exceptions know nothing of the struggles of running a business, have been making crucial economic decisions and creating industrial policy without understanding the effects. A full three years after the Great Recession ended, the results of this folly are evident: Entrepreneurs, paralyzed by uncertainty, keep capital on the sidelines, and as a result 23 million American workers remain unemployed or underemployed, or have given up on finding work. Many of them and their families are now forced to rely on government assistance.

The American economy is treading water in the short term and threatened by a crushing debt burden in the long term. To fix this mess, and to bring back what most Americans consider economic normalcy, we urge our readers to vote for Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.

With his successful business career, Romney understands how government policies, however well-intentioned, can harm business growth and exacerbate unemployment. He will restore pragmatism, balance and fairness to a business climate that has been chilled by Obama’s ideological approach to regulation. He will end Obama’s appeasement of influential and moneyed constituencies — especially organized labor, environmentalists and trial lawyers — that has harmed entrepreneurs and, ultimately, the workers they wish they could hire.

And we are not alone in our assessment. Reporting on their own tracking poll, The Washington Post writes: “Looking at handling the economy as a broad issue, Romney’s lead among independents has swelled to 56 to 39 percent in the new poll, an advantage that helps him to a sizable, 12-point lead over Obama when it comes to their voting preferences.”

Romney is far from perfect. Outside his own family, nobody loves him the way Americans loved Obama four years ago. But America needs real leadership now, not a celebrity in chief. That leader is Romney.

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Campaign 2012
Polls: The final Associated Press poll before election has Romney beating Obama 47 percent to 45 percent among likely voters nationally. The Reuters, Washington Post/ABC News/, Gallup, and Rasmussen daily tracking polls all have Romney winning, 47/46, 49/48, 50/46, 50/47. And The Washington Post/ABC News poll reports that while more Americans say Obama “won” the final debate, 40 percent of independents say their impressions of Romney improved.
Obama: On The Tonight Show yesterday, Obama told Jay Leno he can’t do math past a 7th grade level.
Romney: Campaigning in Cleveland Wednesday, Paul Ryan made the case that economic opportunity, not government dependence, is the best way to fight poverty.

In Other News
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