Last Friday, Gallup released a poll showing that distrust in the media is at an all time high. According to Gallup, this mistrust is driven largely by Republicans and independents who are “quite dissatisfied” with the ability of the liberal media to produce “fair and accurate news coverage of this election.” One only need to look at this Sunday’s edition of 60 Minutes to see that conservatives have every right to their beliefs.

Over the course of just 15 minutes, Obama referred to the murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens as just “a bump in the road,” he dismissed Israel’s concern that Iran will obtain nuclear weapons as “noise,” he called Israel just “one of our closest allies in the region,” he offered a third version of what his biggest disappointment as president was since July, he lied about not raising taxes on the middle class (the CBO confirmed Obamacare did that just last week), and he lied about not cutting Medicare (his Medicare Advantage cuts alone constitute a cut in benefits).

But of course CBS did not challenge him on any of this. If Mitt Romney had made any of the above foreign policy statements, or had so blatantly lied about his domestic record, the coverage would have been nothing short of disastrous. When Obama does it, the liberal media just sighs and looks the other way.

But that is not even the worst part. Apparently, during the course of the interview, Obama admitted that his ads “go overboard” and that “mistakes are made.” Mistakes? What mistakes? Which Obama ads have been false and gone overboard? Not only did CBS not challenge Obama on this, they did not even air this portion of the interview.

And then the liberal media wonders why conservatives and independents don’t trust them.

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