President Obama will visit Newport News, Va. today, where he will warn that jobs will be lost, security will be compromised, and the heavens will fall from the sky unless Republicans agree to tax hikes before this Friday. Obama’s appearance at the Virginia shipyard is just one small part of the White House’s much larger campaign to convince the American people that modern society as we know it will swiftly disintegrate into chaos if the federal government is forced to spend a mere $44 billion less this year than it originally planned. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Politico‘s David Nather has a good article out today debunking a slew of Obama’s sky is falling claims. That 70,000 Head Start students will be kicked out of the program number? HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made it up. Those 1.2 million disadvantaged students who will lose special education funding? Those cuts wouldn’t kick in until next school year. FDA delays in drug approval? Longer TSA wait lines at airports? Compared to what? These federal agencies are already notoriously wasteful, inefficient, and slow.

The White House is setting itself up for an embarrassing Chicken Little moment this Friday. Wall Street is bored with Washington’s fiscal games. The chances of a huge market collapse on Friday are extremely low. Most federal employees won’t be furloughed for weeks. Most government services are still, thankfully, provided by state and local governments, and will continue as scheduled. The sky is not going to fall.

At that point Obama and Democrats will be forced to transition to the next crisis: the continuing resolution that authorizes federal government funding is set to expire March 27th. Republicans will pass a CR some time this month that makes the sequester cuts permanent but gives Obama more flexibility to make government more efficient. That’s when Obama’s Chicken Little act will come back to haunt him. He will either have to sign the Republican spending plan or threaten his own government shutdown.

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