One week after President Obama was reelected, Congress returns to work today and the number one item on their agenda is the resolution of the “fiscal cliff,” a mix of almost $600 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts that the Congressional Budget Office says would send the economy into recession if it is not prevented.

Many in Washington, and many more on Wall Street, are pushing Republicans to accept the Grand Bargain that Obama offered in July of 2011. But a new document obtained by Bob Woodward shows that such a deal would be a disaster for conservative movement and the country.

The papers published Sunday by NBC News consist of a three-page fax sent by White House Director of Legislative Affairs Rob Nabors to Speaker John Boehner’s, R-Ohio, office on July 19th, 2011. They outline the last offer Obama personally approved before debt deal talks collapsed in the summer of 2011. It includes some minor Medicare reforms including changes to “payments for hospitals, post-acute care, and prescription drugs” as well as “limitations to certain types of supplemental coverage.”

In exchange for these tinkerings with Medicare price controls, Obama expected Republicans to vote for a $1.2 trillion tax hike. No wonder the negotiations blew up.

According to the CBO, the tax hike that Obama actually campaigned on, returning the the top two income brackets to the Clinton era tax rates, would only raise about $800 billion over ten years. In other words, Obama’s last Grand Bargain offer included $400 billion more in tax hikes than he is set to get if Republicans let the top two rates expire at the end of this year.

Conservatives should not support any Grand Bargain with Obama. There is simply no way he will ever agree to any meaningful reform of the real drivers of our national debt: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare.

Instead, conservatives should try to minimize the damage of Obama’s second term. They should let the top two rates go up, but keep the rest of the Bush tax rates which, along with a fix to the Alternative Minimum Tax, cut taxes on the middle class by $3.7 trillion. They can then use the revenue from the Obama tax hike to stop both the defense sequester ($492 billion) and the scheduled 27 percent cut in Medicare reimbursement rates ($245 billion) from going into effect. Democrats can then fight over how to use the remaining $87 billion to stop the scheduled $492 billion domestic spending sequester.

It’s not a great deal, but its a lot better than any other”bargain” Republicans will get from this White House.


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