The big headlines out of the House Republican retreat in Williamsburg, Va., today are that the conference is moving toward a small debt limit increase that would give the Treasury Department about three more months worth of borrowing authority.

Other media outlets are calling this move a retreat, and a tactical retreat it is. House Leadership has not given up on the idea of using the debt limit as leverage to force a debate about unsustainable federal spending though. They just want to get their ducks in a row before they begin negotiating in earnest with President Obama. An extra three months will allow the House time  to pass fundamental entitlement reform through regular order, perhaps even including a Balanced Budget Amendment.

But those three months will also allow the $1.2 trillion sequester to begin to take effect in March. Previously many in the GOP had sworn not to let the defense half of the sequester to happen. But after the fiscal cliff fight many more Republicans are eager to see some real spending cuts actually happen, even if it means defense gets hit too.

This reality has already been accepted by many in the conservative defense hawk community. American Enterprise Institute defense expert Mackenzie Eaglen recently told Human Events,”At the end of the day, there aren’t going to be any more acceptable alternative spending cuts to replace the sequester, or more tax increases. We know some type of sequestration’s going to happen for defense, because there is nowhere else to go. The continuous punting is not a solution.”

Eaglen’s sentiment is being echoed by senior Republican leadership staff in both chambers of Congress. A Senior Senate Republican aide tells The Washington Examiner, “Congressional Republicans have voted twice to replace the sequester with alternative spending reductions from elsewhere in the federal budget. Unless the president comes up with a plan to replace the sequester with responsible spending cuts, the sequester will likely be implemented and it’ll be on President Obama’s watch.”

A House Republican Leadership Aide added, “Without cuts to replace it, the sequester will happen. It’s not the best possible pathway but we cannot increase spending. The House has twice passed a bill to responsibly replace the sequester by cutting wasteful spending. The longer the President says he is not willing to help solve our spending problem, the odds of sequester happening get higher.”

Obama has made it clear that any bill changing the sequester must include tax hikes. Unless he completely caves on that demand, the sequester is going to happen.

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