If you thought things could only get better for Democrats after the first disastrous day of their 2012 convention, you were wrong. They got much, much worse.

First off, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continued to embarrass herself by doubling down on her claims that The Washington Examiner‘s Phil Klein misquoted her on Israel. The DNC even put out a statement reading. “The Examiner’s piece should be seen for what it is, a blatant misrepresentation of the facts by a conservative outlet.”

But then PolitiFact.org investigated the story from beginning to end, obtaining comments directly from Wasserman Schultz own staff trying to explain her side of the story. PolitiFact’s verdict: “She did make the remark she said she didn’t make, and we rate her claim Pants on Fire.”

Then it only got worse.

Throughout the day, more and more media outlets began reporting on the fact that the Democratic National Platform omitted any reference to “God” and failed to name Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel. Watching these news reports, President Obama himself, who had previously said he had read and personally approved the platform, directed his staff to have both items put back in. That did not go over well with the delegates on the convention floor.

When convention chair and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa moved to put “God” and Jerusalem back into the party platform, the Democratic delegates loudly booed. It took three voice votes before Villaraigosa just gave up and just gaveled the motion through. Here is how the event played in the press:

  • CNN‘s John King: “This Is Keystone Cops”
  • NBC News’ Chuck Todd: “How Do You Mess Up God And Jerusalem Politics In 2012? … That Was A BAD Fumble.”
  • CBS: “Democrats Fumble Major Israel Issue, Put Jerusalem As Capital In Platform”

Later on CNN, after Wasserman Schultz told Brianna Keilar that “There wasn’t any discord” over the platform, Anderson Cooper turned to his panel of analysts and said, “I mean, that’s an alternate universe.”

Yes, one would have to be living in an alternative universe to think this convention was going well for Obama.

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