More adults believe the religious aspects of Christmas are being emphasized less in 2017 than in recent years, according to a Pew Research survey released Tuesday.

Fifty-six percent of U.S. adults say the religious parts of the Christian holiday are decreasingly being emphasized in American culture, compared to the 12 percent who say it is being celebrated more this year than in others, the Nov. 29-Dec. 4 survey concluded.

President Trump campaigned in 2015 and 2016 that he would end the "war on Christmas" after coffee roaster Starbucks debuted less Christmas-centric cups in December 2015.

The majority of American adults, 55 percent, still celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, compared to 46 percent who see it as a cultural holiday and 9 percent who see it as both.

Four years ago, 59 percent saw the day as a religious holiday, including 51 percent who considered it more a religious day than a cultural one.

The telephone survey was conducted with 1,503 adults nationwide. The survey did not include a margin of error.