Six in 10 black Americans are satisfied with President Obama's response to the police shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Mo., while whites are more divided on how the president has handled the volatile situation, according to a new poll.

A New York Times/CBS News survey shows that a clear majority of blacks support the president’s handling of the violent clashes in the St. Louis suburb, with just 20 percent dissatisfied.

The White House certainly welcomes the findings since civil rights leaders have ripped Obama for not addressing the Ferguson crisis more forcefully. The president also has been criticized for sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson rather than traveling there himself.

In comparison, just 35 percent of white Americans said they supported the president’s approach to Ferguson and 39 percent of those respondents opposed it.

Perceptions of the president’s oversight of the St. Louis-area clashes also largely fell along party lines, with 59 percent of Democrats endorsing Obama and 52 percent of Republicans dissatisfied.

Black Americans do not hold Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, in high esteem, however. Just a quarter of blacks surveyed approved of Nixon’s actions following his decision to send the National Guard into Ferguson to stop violent protests.