A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that 77 percent feel that voting is too easy or "about right," and are firmly against expanding voting times past two weeks or letting people register to vote on Election Day.

The poll is a blow to state and federal officials pushing to make voting even easier, by either allowing same-day voter registration or expanding the time to vote to well over two weeks before Election Day.

In the poll released Friday, 50 percent said voting in America is "about right," with another 27 percent calling it "too easy." Just 17 percent said voting is "too hard," though the numbers were higher for blacks, 29 percent, Democrats, 29 percent, and liberals, 36 percent.

Rasmussen found that 51 percent oppose same-day voter registration, with just 38 percent in support.

When it comes to early voting, most likely voters in the poll appear satisfied with the current rules that in some states allow voters to finish their ballot two weeks before Election Day. Only 22 percent said they would prefer early voting to begin a month before an election.

The poll did find some support for two major reforms. Sixty-one percent backed voting by mail and 61 percent said felons should be allowed to vote after they serve jail time.