Donald Jerome Shipp Jr. and his girlfriend were sitting in a car in D.C.'s Mount Pleasant neighborhood when a man approached and started firing through the window.

Shipp was hit by multiple shots and killed, the girlfriend was wounded by a bullet to her hip.

That happened the night of April 12, 1979, just a few days before Shipp's 28th birthday. More than 30 years later, authorities still do not know who shot him.

Police believe that even now someone has information that can help solve this cold case, and they are asking for information that could close it.

This is what police say detectives do know:

Shipp and his girlfriend were parked in front of his home on the 3300 block of 19th Street Northwest about 11 p.m. A man exited a 1969 Chevy Chevelle, walked across the street toward the couple, and started shooting at them through the driver's side window.

The man fired five shots.

Police found what they believed was the car used in the shooting. The vehicle belonged to someone who went by the name "Chico" and was a member of a gang called the Young-uns. He refused to talk to police and was later arrested on other charges.

Shipp had gotten into an altercation with another man known as "June Bug" the day before he was killed. During the confrontation, Shipp allegedly pulled a pellet gun to scare him off.

Both June Bug and Chico were placed in a police lineup in front of Shipp's surviving girlfriend. She was unable to identify her boyfriend's killer.

Anyone with information regarding Shipp's death is asked to call investigators at 202-727-9099.