A MoveOn.org infomercial featuring Clinton-era Labor Secretary Robert Reich knocking down the top six reasons Democratic skeptics feel Sen. Bernie Sanders can't win the presidency has been watched 3.34 million times on Facebook in just one day, the latest evidence the underdog candidate is on fire.

That is 1 million more views than the 2.3 million "likes" Hillary Clinton has on Facebook. Sanders also has more Facebook likes than Clinton, 2.4 million, showing his social media popularity.

Bernie skepticsHow to respond to Bernie skeptics? Watch our latest video to find out.Posted by Robert Reich on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"6 Responses to Bernie Skeptics" has exploded on Facebook, and there have been nearly 100,000 shares and over 42,000 comments.

In it, the always affable Reich uses a whiteboard to knock down everything from claims Sanders can't beat Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz in a general election to his age.

"Bernie Sanders' political revolution has stirred up a lot of people, including some who are skeptical," wrote Reich on Facebook. "In my latest video with MoveOn, I lay out six responses to Bernie skeptics—along the way tackling shortsighted myths about Senator Sanders and his game-changing ideas."

See it here.

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