You know it must have been a heck of a holiday party when it's still making waves on Twitter almost two years later.

Dennis Haskins, best known as Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell," tweeted earlier this week at a number of Washington personalities including Republican strategist Ron Bonjean, Rep. Eric Cantor's spokesman Doug Heye, Senate staffer Mary Vought and ABC News' Rick Klein and Amy Walter.

"It was a great party and the Bonjeans were super," Haskins said in a tweet, first pointed out by the newly revamped FamousDC website. "Your friend, Dennis Hastert!" Haskins is referring to Ron and Sara Bonjean's 2010 holiday party, where Mr. Belding appeared as a special guest. And the Hastert reference? That's because Klein mistook Haskins for the former Republican Speaker of the House in a 2010 episode of "Top Line."