Inauguration Day marked something more than just another presidential swearing-in for "West Wing" alum Richard Schiff. It also was his first day as a Washingtonian.

"I'm going to actually live here for awhile, so I'm excited," he told Yeas & Nays at Monday night's Inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention Center. Schiff is staying in town for a two month stint, playing the part of Erie Smith in the Eugene O'Neill play "Hughie," being produced by the Shakespeare Theatre Company. "It's a fantastic play. I've never done theater in this city before, obviously I've worked here quite a bit," Schiff continued.

Part of his recent work in the District consisted of shooting scenes for the online web series "Chasing the Hill," which Schiff stars in alongside another "West Wing" alum, Melissa Fitzgerald. Series director Brent Roske told Yeas & Nays back in October that he hoped to finish out the series at inauguration and it looks like they're doing just that. "We're trying to close out the series with a few shots and a couple scenes," Schiff explained. "Catch some scenes at the inauguration, which we did today, and a closing scene with me and Melissa Fitzgerald at some point, if I can squeeze it in the next couple of days."

At the ball, it was Vice President Biden that Schiff hoped to greet. "I'm a friend of Joe Biden's. I'd love to find him at some point," Schiff said, on his walk down to the Convention Center's massive ballroom. "I also was the only person not from Delaware that campaigned for him back in Iowa in 2008 ... and they helped me get tickets for the inauguration, and I love the guy."