Veteran USA Today reporter Richard Benedetto, now with American and George Mason Universities and the Fund for American Studies, has the details — ”the carefully chosen, softer words used by the news media when reporting on the Obama program, compared to the inflammatory and alarmist language used when his predecessor was in charge.” Joining in the attempts to pin the surveillance program on George W. Bush rather than Barack Obama are the picture editors, as in a 2,000-word Washington Post article that featured pictures of Bush and members of his administration — pictures that are at least five years old. Doesn’t the Post have any pictures of Obama or his appointees?

This looks like an attempt to avoid demoralizing those in the Democratic base who vociferously opposed “domestic spying” — actually, contacts between suspected terrorists abroad and persons in the United States — during the Bush years and who are now flummoxed by Obama’s adoption of similar or identical practices. Mustn’t spoil the narrative, I guess.