On MSNBC moments ago, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs Director of Columbia University Earth Institute, explained that the embassy attacks that took place yesterday were easily on the same political level as the Iran hostage crisis in 1979, calling it a "major political challenge."

"This is an extraordinarily dynamic and frightening time," Sachs said. "Libya, Egypt, Iran and the dynamics of this can absolutely get out of hand. You look at those pictures of scaling the walls of the Egyptian Embassy, it looks like 1979. It's frightening to think about the Iranian hostages that were taken, just looking at those pictures."

 "We all remember what happened in 1979," MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell added. "So you've got a president running for re-election and all of the criticism that he's already endured from the Romney campaign about his policy in the Middle East, particularly in Iran and so there are a lot of echoes."