MSNBC political analyst Anand Giridharadas slammed President Trump Sunday for being "the commander in chief of American rape culture" after two White House aides resigned last week over allegations of domestic violence.

"This is a rape culture presidency and Donald Trump has become the commander in chief of American rape culture," Giridharadas told AMJoy.

"I think this week was actually a turning point with two different staffers, these charges dredged up, these haunting pictures. And then you have the president's own history of self-declaring himself to be a vagina grabber and winning on that platform," Giridharadas continued.

White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned on Wednesday after he was publicly accused of physically and emotionally abusing his two ex-wives.

Then on Friday White House speechwriter David Sorensen stepped down after his ex-wife came forward and said he was violent during their marriage.

Both Porter and Sorensen have vehemently denied the claims, and Trump has praised Porter, wishing him well with his future endeavors.

Giridharadas, an author and newspaper columnist, added sexual abuse was "a very apt metaphor" for Trumpism, or the populist platform on which Trump won the 2016 election.

"This week was a turning point because I think we're starting to realize that Trumpism doesn't merely tolerate sexual abuse," Giridharadas said.

"Sexual abuse is a very apt metaphor for everything Trumpism is. The cultivation of fear in everyone. The insistence that people are loving it when you're actually degrading, and dehumanizing them, and making their lives harder. The state of constant insecurity that you create in others and then the inversion of your own insecurities into this attempt to dominate others," he explained.