Mika Brzezinski, the liberal co-host of Morning Joe, hit Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, with a dose of reality after Brown tried to demagogue Republican proposals to reform entitlements as a plutocratic effort to hurt poor Medicare beneficiaries.

“A bunch of people in Congress that dress like this saying we’re going to raise the retirement age on working Americans is wrong,” Brown said this morning.

“Is that what they’re saying, though? Because I don’t think so,” Brzezinski interjected. “I feel like there is a disconnect . . . there’s the concept that Republicans are looking like the bogeyman that want to take Medicare away from everybody when they really want to make it solvent, when they really want to make it last into the future — when they really want to make this country’s this fiscal irresponsibility at this point come together and make sense.”

Brzezinski did fault Republicans for “promulgating this concept that all small businesses will be hurt by the way that the White House wants to [raise taxes],” which she says is not true.