An MSNBC guest this morning suggested that President Obama should meet with the NFL to resolve the issue surrounding the replacement refs, after a weekend of mistakes culminated in a controversial call during a Green Bay Packers game against the Seattle Seahawks.

As the news hosts wrapped up a segment discussing Obama’s failure to meet with foreign leaders, they switched subjects to talk about the NFL replacement refs.

“Why aren’t we trashing NFL officials?” Chuck Todd asked, as host Joe Scarborough was wrapping up a segment criticizing Obama.

“Sorry, I’m like frothing at the mouth, I couldn’t sleep until two in the morning,” Todd said, known to be a “rabid” Packers fan. The Packers were on the losing end of a controversial touchdown call, that the refs gave to the Seahawks.

“That’s the meeting that the president should be having today, meeting with the NFL,” guest Eugene Robinson said.

“Romney or Obama, the one that figures this out is going to carry Wisconsin.” Todd joked.

“Gee if only the NFL made a little money, they could pay their referees.”  Scarborough said sarcastically.

“Come on, pay the refs, get them back on,” Robinson continued. “Somebody’s going to get hurt is the problem. They’re really going to get hurt and this is out of hand.”