Last night on MSNBC, host Lawrence O’Donnell said that Romney’s NAACP speech was part of a Republican ‘southern strategy’ used to appeal to ‘racial and racist voting.’

Speaking to’s Goldie Taylor, O’Donnell said, “Tell me, Goldie, if I’m being too cynical, to think that the Romney campaign actually went in that room today with the hope of getting booed, at least three times, because they want the video of their candidate being booed by the NAACP to play in certain racist precincts where that will actually help them.”

Taylor agreed with O’Donnell’s assessment, adding Romney appeared “paternalistic” and criticized him for using a “derisive word” like “Obamacare” to describe the President’s Affordable Health Care act.

Another one O’Donnell’s guests, Mark Thompson, said that Romney appeared “culturally ignorant” after referring to an African-American serving in his “kitchen cabinet” when he was governor in Massachusetts.

“To talk about being in the kitchen and not talk about an African-American actually being in your cabinet is really not a good metaphor to use with African-Americans,” he said disapprovingly.

Toure, a MSNBC co-host, questioned Romney’s use of slogan, “if you understand who I truly am in my heart.”

“Isn’t that the kind of thing you hear people say when they’re accused of being racist, and they’re trying to make an apology?” he asked.

Toure concluded, “He’s not saying he’s racist, but he’s saying ‘the Republican party has been racist, but I am not.’”