MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski this morning was upset about the court ruling that struck down Mayor Bloomberg’s large soda ban, insisting that drinks like Coca-cola were poison.

“It’s killing our children,” she insisted. “It’s liquid sugar and sugar is poison”

Scarborough emphatically disagreed, explaining that he drinks Coca-Cola, eats sugary cereals and exercises regularly to keep from becoming obese.

“Coca-Cola is not the poison and these other soft drinks are not the poison,” he insisted. “It’s the lack of activity.”

“They are,” Brzezinski replied. “When you have such high concentrations of sugar and high fructose corn syrup and salt and fat in foods, they are actually toxic.”

Scarborough stood up and grabbed a plate of doughnuts to share with the guests on the show as they had little to say while the pair argued about his eating habits.

“I eat this every morning,” Scarborough said proudly.

“And I bet you can’t stop,” Mika lectured. “I bet you couldn’t put those aside if I asked you to, if I challenged you to, and that’s the issue. Those are so full of sugar and so full of fat and they trigger a reward mechanism in the brain that makes you not able to stop at one.”