MSNBC has found its own missing airliner. His name is Cliven Bundy.

The Left-wing cable network's obsession with the outlaw Nevada rancher reached a fever pitch Thursday after the New York Times revealed his racist views about black people. From "Morning Joe" to "The Last Word," hosts and guests gleefully recounted Bundy's words and linked them directly to conservatives and the Tea Party as if his racism were a defining characteristic of the ideology.

It was a perfect fit for a network so committed to the racial grievance industry it gave a show to Al Sharpton, one of the most prominent figures in that movement.

Though some conservative media figures helped feed Bundy's efforts to win public support for his refusal to pay fees for grazing his cattle on public land -- most notably Sean Hannity of Fox News -- it was reporting by others on the right that helped burst his public Image as a victim of government overreach. Glenn Beck's news organization, TheBlaze, in particular led the way on this.

But that won't stop MSNBC's attempts to smear all conservatives and libertarians as racists. It's the network's raison d'etre, and viewers can expect more of it in the near future.

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