During a discussion about the new RNCC website yesterday afternoon, MSNBC’s Touré used the opportunity to defend President Obama’s poor performance on the basketball court at the White House Easter Egg roll.

“He’s not out there shooting all the time. He’s not working on his J,” Touré insisted. “He is working on his problems of the nation.”

As the rest of the panel laughed at his analysis, Touré continued to defend his position.

“He’s also a man of the people, out there like you know, opening the people’s house and having a good time with some American citizens,” Touré explained, referring to Obama. “He’s not out there working on his J or his golf game. He is actually doing things.”

Touré theorized that Republicans continue to bash Obama for everything he does because of George W. Bush.

“George W. Bush was such an embarrassment, filled with the malapropisms, filled with the anti-intellectualism, apart from the completely failed presidency – foreign and domestic – that the Republicans feel this deep need to redeem the failed presidency of George W. Bush and they will attack Obama for any little tiny thing, trying to make him seem as bad as George Bush actually was.”