“We either return [Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi] back to his rightful place or they’re just going to have to shoot us in the streets,” said Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad el-Haddad to ABC’s Byron Pitts.

El-Haddad, who has a warrant out for his arrest according to ABC News, said that he would “stand in front of that tank even if it rolls on our dead bodies.”

Pitts informed the spokesman that “a dead man can’t enjoy democracy.”

El-Haddad responded, “The ones he leaves behind can.”

Morsi was ousted as president last week during a violent military coup that has since cost at least 30 people their lives and injured over 1,000 more. The deaths have been the result of clashes between the Egyptian military responsible for removing Morsi from power and Morsi’s steadfast supporters.

Mohamed el-Baradei, a former UN nuclear agency chief and Nobel laureate, has been appointed as interim Prime Minister.