A movie highlighting the well-documented and serious problem of violence against women in Muslim-majority countries has become the focus of a free-speech controversy after a Muslim group attacked it as "Islamophobic."

The Washington Examiner's Ashe Schow detailed Tuesday the campaign by the Council on American-Islamic Relations to steer people away from "Honor Diaries." The campaign, as first reported by Fox News' Megyn Kelly, focuses on the fact that many of the groups and individuals involved in the project are also active opponents of Islamist extremism.

But CAIR's campaign is likely to shed an uncomfortable light on facts the group itself wants to keep hidden from public view. The organization, which bills itself as a "civil liberties" advocate for the 3 million American Muslims, is really just an "astroturf" lobby for Islamist extremists that seems to spend almost as much time attacking fellow Muslims who don't share those views as it does defending them.

There's a serious debate within Islam on what role religion plays in violence against women, and many courageous Muslims are fighting to stamp it out. The reason CAIR doesn't want that debate aired in public is because many Americans would conclude the group is on the wrong side.

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