There they go again. The nation's Big Three TV network news broadcasts are cheerleading President Obama's demand for new taxes in overwhelming fashion, giving short shrift to GOP calls for offsetting spending cuts, according to a media study.

The worst offender: ABC World News, which has concentrated on taxes instead of spending cuts by a 17-1 margin, according to the Media Research Center's Business and Media Institute.

In the three weeks following Obama's re-election, said the group, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer devoted more than 10 minutes 18 seconds to talk of tax hikes and just 35 seconds to spending cuts, a 17-1 margin, according to the survey provided to Secrets Tuesday.

The other two weren't as bad. MRC said that NBC Nightly News discussed taxes more than twice as much, four minutes 23 seconds to one minute 47 seconds for cuts. CBS Evening News gave tax hikes about three more minutes of coverage, 14 minutes 5 seconds on taxes to 10 minutes 12 seconds on cuts.

But, said MRC, over one-third of the CBS coverage on cuts came in one story detailing the horrors of the spending cuts.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell told us, "The 'fiscal cliff' is looming, but ABC has already plunged off the credibility cliff. No serious news organization could possibly commit 17 times more coverage to touting tax hikes as the solution to this crisis than spending cuts. ABC News is nothing more than the press office of the Obama administration."

Bozell's group is a conservative media watchdog know for its annual "DisHonor Awards" and its popular "I Don't Believe the Liberal Media" bumper sticker. He regularly raps what the groups sees as liberal bias in the media.

"Instead of telling the American people the truth about the Obama administration's reckless spending binge, the tax-happy liberal media are toeing the party line: raise taxes on the 'wealthy' and the crisis will be averted," he said of the network news coverage of the fiscal cliff story.