What did an Australian man do for two cases of whiskey?

A man in Australia paddled naked across crocodile-infested waters on a log to win a bet that equaled two cases of Jack Daniels. While he and his buddies were fishing the Daly River in Australia in the country's Northern Territory, one dared the unnamed angler to paddle across the dangerous river. The Daly River has so many crocodiles in the water, the local government approved a plan to allow trophy hunters to slaughter them in exchange for money. Since the man's daring feat, pictures of the dare have gone viral on the Internet. His friend, Billy Innes, told a local paper it was worth the whiskey.

Who won the lottery in Indiana these week?

A homeless man named Dennis Mahurin bought the winning lottery ticket, making him $50,000 richer. But Mahurin -- who has been homeless since 1978 -- has no plans to put his winnings toward a down payment on a house. He prefers staying in his tent. Mahurin told a local news outlet he plans to get some dental work done, put some of his money away and visit his son. He also plans on giving his eight homeless brethren that live in a makeshift tent city with him $100 each.

Who is mowing the lawn in France?

It's not who -- or what -- you expect. Paris City Hall now employs four sheep to keep the lawns trim at the city's gardens, replacing traditional lawnmowers. As of last week, the sheep were dining on the turf in front of the city's Archives building. The sheep were imported from an island off the Brittany coast. City officials got the idea from private French companies and places like the Louvre which employ the same technique. They think sheep mowers may be a thing of the future.