House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi again referred to President Trump as "President Bush" during an interview with a San Francisco TV station.

The California Democrat was criticizing Trump for his push to repeal Obamacare when she called him "President Bush."

"Everything we have seen so far though with the president has been about tax cuts for the rich," Pelosi said in the interview that aired Tuesday.

"In fact, affecting California very directly, is the Affordable Care Act. President Bush has come out against that, as you know, and it is not even a healthcare bill," she continued. "The Republican bill is not even a healthcare bill. It's a tax bill disguised as a healthcare bill."

In the 40-second clip posted on YouTube, Pelosi did not correct her mistake.

It's the second time in a little over a month that Pelosi has referred to Trump as the 43rd president.

At a weekly press conference in June she criticized Trump's fitness and questioned if he gets enough sleep. She then called him "President Bush" twice.