House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refused to say whether she would run for speaker if Democrats take back the House in 2018, calling the question "so unimportant" as compared to the Democrats' new agenda.

"It's so unimportant. What is important is that we have a lively debate on a better deal, better pay, better jobs, and a better future," Pelosi said on "Fox News Sunday."

"And that's what we look forward to having. We have unity in our party. You saw with the fight on Affordable Care Act in the House and in the Senate."

Pelosi fought against suggestions that she's too old to continue as the leader of the House Democrats and said there's no one in the chamber who can do the job like she can.

"Self-promotion is a terrible thing, but somebody has got to do it," she said.

"And I think that the situation that we are in, I am a master legislator. I know the budget to the nth degree. I know the motivation of people. I respect the people who are in Congress."