Probably more than any other politician on Capitol Hill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has good reason to feel a little on the fence on Super Bowl Sunday. "I'm going to go there for the 49ers next week, to Louisiana," she told Bill Maher on his HBO "Real Time" program Friday night. "Except I'm born and raised in Baltimore, so I wanted Baltimore to go to the Superbowl And I wanted the '9ers to go, and they both went," she continued. But being a savvy lawmaker, she knew it was best to be rooting for her congressional district's home team rather than her hometown's home team. "I'm for the 49ers, not against Baltimore," she concluded.

"Not that you could ever lose that district, but let's just say you're for the 49ers," Maher chimed in. "I was going to say it's dangerous to come to this show and I appreciate it. Let's not lose it on football," he laughed.