Democrats won't agree to Republican demands regarding Obamacare until after the implementation of the health care law is complete, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters Thursday.

"None of these suggestions [are] acceptable," Pelosi said when asked if she might agree to delaying the individual mandate for a year.

"After we open government and a plan is in place — any law that a congress makes, a congress can make another law and so bring your ideas forward. But not, with government shut down and before the plan is even in effect, are they going to make changes," she said.

"We'll see how it works — [we're] open to other suggestions, but not shutting down the government unless you have your way, before the bill is implemented," Pelosi said.

She also told reporters that Republicans have an ulterior motive in fighting Obamacare. "[W]hat they're trying to get to, you know, is Medicare and the rest of that under the guise of the Affordable Care Act," Pelosi said.

"So be very careful about the facade that they put on this health issue, because what we're concerned about is where they go next on that subject," Pelosi said.