It can traverse outer space, but the National Aeronautics and Space Administration can't manage its own mobile devices, the agency's inspector general has found.

NASA's management of its smartphones, tablets and basic cell phones was found to be full of weaknesses, according to the report. The agency's AirCards -- devices allowing someone to connect to WiFi anywhere -- also had issues.

The agency fails to keep a "complete and accurate inventory of agency-issued mobile devices," the report said. Poor inventory leaves NASA susceptible to erroneous or excessive charges, according to the IG.

NASA is not fully to blame, however — HP Enterprise Services, the agency's main IT contractor, also failed to keep a complete inventory.

Last year, HP reported that 2,280 agency-issued mobile devices went unused for at least 7 months, which cost more than $679,000.

Another management issue NASA struggles with? Preventing the loss or theft of smartphones and tablets.

Work also remains to prevent the loss of sensitive data and to combat against viruses and malware.