Eleven judges in Nashville making $165,000 yearly are seeking a pay raise -- though their department faces a budget cut.

The General Sessions Court judges in Davidson County make $165,204 annually, but recently asked for $2,500 raise each to give them the same pay as their Circuit Court counterparts, according to the Tennessean.

The eight Circuit Court judges — who are also paid by the state — must make the same amount as the General Sessions Court judges, but are due a 1.5 percent, or $2,478, cost-of-living adjustment starting July 1.

The request comes at a somewhat awkward time — Karl Dean, the mayor of consolidated Nashville and Davidson County — proposed a new budget that calls for a $30,000 cut to the General Sessions Court.

"I'm going to ask you to restore about $34,000 to fund General Sessions judges' raises," presiding judge Bill Higgins said at the start of the last council hearing.

Metro Nashville Finance Director Rich Riebeling said the court should be able to make cuts in order to increase the judges' pay.

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