Actress Natalie Portman did not speak at the Democratic National Convention last night, even though she was rumored to attend. The famous Oscar winning actress, however, did appear at a “Women for Obama” event in Las Vegas last week for President Obama with his close aide, Valerie Jarrett.

A YouTube video from the event shows Portman encouraging the women at the event to talk to their friends and share their stories with others reminding them that Nevada was “so so important.”

“Talk to everyone you know, tell your story, that’s how we can become positive,” Portman said. “Luckily we have a president who has so many positives that we can create this win by saying the great things he has done, not talking trash.”

Portman was particularly adamant about defending the “right to choose,” explaining her perspective as a mother.

“As a new mother – as all of you as mothers, its hard to hear, you know, the word ‘right to life.’ I think as our opponent because we all cherish life, we all love the miracle, the absolute wonder of what our bodies can do and what we are able to create, and we are lucky enough to be able to create as women.” Portman said.

“But we also know that losing our right to choose means that we put our sisters in jeopardy,” she warned. “It doesn’t end abortion, it just ends freedom to abortion and safe abortion.”

Portman also highlighted the rest of the President’s accomplishments, reminding the women that he had done enough to deserve re-election.

“I kept seeing his accomplishments and I wondered, ‘What more does he have to do to deserve four more years?” she said.

Citing the Dayenu prayer at Passover, Portman reminded the audience how many good things Obama had done.

“I’m Jewish and we have a prayer and Passover where we say, where you always say “If God only gave us this, it would have been enough. The word is ‘Dayenu,’ and I feel like the same thing. Portman added. “It’s enough! He’s done enough! He deserves it.”