On CSPAN on Sunday, National Review’s Washington Editor Robert Costa admitted that Gov. Chris Christie R-N.J. “probably should have been invited” to CPAC this year but added that the snub probably wouldn’t have much effect on his career.

CPAC chairman Al Cardenas suggested that Christie wasn’t a “Conservative All-Star” because he campaigned for a big relief spending bill in his state that was laden with pork barrel spending.

Costa said that he found the reasons behind the American Conservative Union’s decision not to invite the dynamic New Jersey governor ‘a tad surprising.’

Part of the reason Christie has lost favor with some conservatives, Costa explained, was a “knee jerk reaction” to Christie’s closeness with President Obama after hurricane Sandy devastated his state.

Costa cautioned viewers not to write off Christie’s career in politics adding that the CPAC snub wasn’t the “be all end all of Republican politics.”

“I think ahead of 2016, its way too early to count Chris Christie out, because of his record, because of his charisma,” Costa predicted. “If Chris Christie can win re-election in New Jersey in a tough political year for Republicans I think he is going to re-emerge as a Republican power player in the country.”

Christie finished fourth in the CPAC presidential straw poll with 7 percent.