The Smithsonian's National Zoo welcomed its newest animal Tuesday with the birth of a Sumatran tiger.

Great cat keepers watched the cub's mother — an 8-year-old Sumatran tiger named Damai — give birth at 4:17 p.m. July 11 via a closed-circuit camera, according to the zoo's website. The cub's sex is still unknown as animal care staff are giving mother and baby time to bond.

Visitors wanting to see the cub will have to wait several months until it has passed a series of health examinations and a swimming test. In the meantime, the zoo will be providing updates on the cub's progress via social media.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists Sumatran tigers as being critically endangered, with fewer than 400 tigers estimated to still live in the species' native Indonesia.

The cub is part of Damai's second litter but the first for dad, Sparky, the zoo's 13-year-old male.