Yes, the Nationals finally let Teddy win.

He even got a curtain call.

Two days after the Nationals clinched the first division title in franchise history -- and after seven seasons and more than 500 losses -- Washington allowed Teddy Roosevelt to win the Presidents Race during Wednesday's game against the Phillies.

Teddy trailed George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln by a considerable margin entering the turn. But a fake Philly Phanatic bowled over the three front-runners and escorted Teddy most of the way to the tape.

The victory followed weeks of stories in the media and plenty of hype at the stadium recently, including a pep talk from Sen. John McCain on the scoreboard Monday night. McCain earlier this year told ESPN that he would call for congressional hearings "to right this horrible wrong."

McCain tweeted "#Teddy won! #Teddy won! #Teddy won! We've defeated the massive left wing conspiracy!" after the race.

Teddy's victory was trending worldwide briefly on Twitter and for a much longer time nationally. Somehow, it did not trend in D.C. Apparently "#MiddleSchoolMemories" was more intriguing.

It also seemed to put some spark into the Nationals. Ryan Zimmerman homered in the first at-bat after the victory, and Michael Morse and Tyler Moore followed with doubles.

The standings in the Presidents race now read Abe 214, George 164, Tom 155 and Teddy 1.