Native American groups plan to make the Trump Hotel in Washington ground zero in their major protest next weekend against the president's energy and environment policies.

Tribal groups will descend Thursday night on the grounds near the hotel to flash projections on its walls, dance, chant and give speeches ahead of Saturday's main event, the People's Climate March.

The Indigenous Environmental Network, tribal nations, and aligned groups will hold the pre-protest rally at Trump's flagship hotel.

Thursday could also see Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill supporting the Saturday protest and associated events, the Washington Examiner has learned. However, nothing had been officially confirmed at press time.

"In the day's leading up to the march, indigenous groups will host round dances, street performances and press conferences demanding that Trump and the fossil fuel industry stop harming indigenous people and keep fossil fuels in the ground, while also highlighting how pipelines, off-shore drilling, fracking and unsustainable fossil fuel development threaten indigenous lives, land, water, and air quality," a statement from indigenous groups said.

In the months since Trump's election, the hotel located just blocks from the White House has been an almost daily target for groups looking to protest the president's policy agenda.

The coming week's events follow the Native Nations Rise march one month ago to urge "Trump and Congress to stop treating indigenous people and lands as America's environmental sacrifice zone," the statement added.