Star-crossed pitcher has better career ERA than Pettitte, Carpenter, Beckett, and Buehrle

The numbers have never added up for Jordan Zimmermann. Entering Wednesday’s game against Houston he had a stellar 3.72 ERA. But in 52 career starts, his won-loss record is a lowly 12-19.

On Wednesday the beat went on as Zimmermann gave the Nats another big-time effort, but didn’t get the win. The Nats rallied for a 3-2 victory after the right-hander left the game. In three starts this year, Zimmermann has a 1.29 ERA and 0-1 record. Go figure.

In each of his four years, the Nats have provided the right-hander less and less support, from 5.4 runs per start in 2009, to 4.3 in 2010, to 3.2 in 2011, to 2.4 this year. Still, coming off of 2009 Tommy John surgery, Zimmerman is getting better and better. Is this any way to treat an ace pitcher?

“He’s taken total control of the mound,” manager Davey Johnson said.

The following star pitchers have career ERAs higher than Zimmerman -- Chris Carpenter (3.76), Mark Buehrle (3.83), Josh Beckett (3.85), and Andy Pettitte (3.88).

The difference between Zimmermann and these pitchers? All have at least 40 more wins than losses in their respective major league careers and Pettitte has a 240-138 record.