An MSNBC panel suggested Wednesday that the myriad of scandals surrounding the White House have finally overwhelmed top Obama officials, giving off the sense that the administration is “struggling to run the government.”

“Is it that the White House might be so tired, so weary of all of this that they're, in effect, just mailing it in on some of these kinds of things?” panel co-host Mike Barnicle asked, referring to, among other things, the crisis on the border between the U.S. and Mexico and the scandal involving alleged mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“They're not mailing it in,” NBC News' Chuck Todd responded, “but what it appears is that this is an administration where events are controlling them. I can't remember the last time I feel like that they controlled a set of events. It feels like -- the answer's the same: Whether it was the VA, whether it was the health care debacle, whether it was ISIS in Iraq -- [the administration response] is, ?Boy this all came up on us faster than we expected. We've had our eye on this. But, boy, we didn't expect it to be this bad. We didn't expect it to be this quick or we didn't expect it to be this substantial.' ”

“So,” Todd continued, “look, I think the last few months have painted a picture of an administration that looks like they’re struggling to run the government, that they’re struggling … going from crisis to crisis.”

Ehhh, whatever: