Noah Oppenheim, president of NBC's news division, said he has been in touch with the White House over his outlet's coverage, and warned that it's dangerous the way President Trump criticizes the media.

"I don't think it's healthy for democracy when the press is attacked in that way," Oppenheim said in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "But my advice to our [team] is to keep their heads down and do their work. We're not going to allow ourselves to get sucked into a back-and-forth over who should be trusted."

Trump has sought to discredit essentially all mainstream news outlets outside of Fox News for what he has called "unfair" coverage of his administration.

During the campaign, Trump frequently targeted NBC correspondent Katy Tur and he has dubbed "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd "Sleepy Eyes."

"This administration is not shy about voicing their displeasure," Oppenheim told the Hollywood Reporter. "I have had contact with them. And I've made clear that if we get something wrong, I will be the first to insist we correct it."