NBC News' Lester Holt pressed Donald Trump, Jr. repeatedly in an interview Thursday night to answer whether his father cries.

"You and your siblings have been very effective this week trying to paint a picture of your dad, you know, the dad that you know. At the same time, when you think about a president, strength is obviously important. But we also sometimes look for our leaders to be compassionate, to console us during national tragedy," Holt said in an interview taped Thursday evening at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

"We saw President Obama in Dallas a week or so ago. We haven't seen that Donald Trump. Is this a man that can cry? Can he emote?" he asked.

"Very much so —" the Trump son started to say before Holt interrupted him.

"Can he wrap his arms around the country in times of crisis?" the NBC anchor asked.

Trump responded by assuring his interviewer that his father is indeed capable of crying. But Holt interjected again, and said, "I think we want to see it."

Trump Jr. answered by explaining there is a time and place for emotion, and that his father doesn't think now is that time.

"Have you ever seen him cry?" the NBC News anchor persisted.

"I have, I have. I've seen him be very emotional," Trump answered.