Nearly 300,000 voters in California cast their ballots for state Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat charged in March with accepting bribes and conspiracy to traffic firearms.

Voters in the California secretary of state election had eight candidates to choose from, and 287,590 cast their vote for Yee, who had officially dropped out of the race due to the indictment.

If you think 287,590 isn’t a lot of people, consider that Yee received the third-most votes in the election. He was a distant third — Democrat Alex Padilla garnered 30.1 percent of the vote, Pete Peterson received 29.6 percent and Yee received 9.8 percent — but still, third place for a man charged with conspiracy to traffic firearms is significant.

Yee's name only appeared on the ballot because he failed to file a written notice of his intent to drop out of the race before the deadline to remove his name passed. In his defense, he did file the notice right after he was arrested, but that was still past the deadline.

Yee is significant not just because of his indictment, but because he was known as one of the fiercest gun control advocates in the state.

But apparently that hypocrisy didn’t matter to 287,590 people.

Note: Some of those people could have voted for Yee as a joke.