Quick, which winning Republican Senate primary winner said these words while claiming victory Tuesday night?

"We may not get every vote. But we'll speak to every heart," and we will seek to "represent the entire American family. We will aim not just to win, but to be worthy of winning."

The correct answer is "Ben Sasse in Nebraska." Given the Cornhusker state's deep red hue, he almost certainly will take a seat in January in "the world's most exclusive debating club."

Remember Jack Kemp?

An oft-heard claim in Right circles since before the Reagan era is that "a rising tide lifts all boats." Originally a JFK maxim, it came to be most closely associated with former Rep. Jack Kemp in his tireless advocacy for tax cuts.

Kemp was a bit of a maverick in the GOP, since he also advocated aggressively going after the votes of blacks and taking on the challenge of winning the war on poverty through enterprise zones and school choice.

The former AFL champion quarterback devoutly believed that a growing economy that generates jobs and opportunity for all Americans is the answer to virtually every political problem.

Sasse, Kemp, Lee

Comparisons of the new GOP Nebraska Senate candidate with Kemp were probably inevitable because their approaches are quite similar.

Like Kemp when he was ascending, Sasse is relatively young, articulate, energetic and rather telegenic. Plus, he's more of an ideas conservative than an interest conservative.

Assuming he wins in November, Sasse will most likely follow a script that combines Kempian enthusiasm with the principled prudence of a Mike Lee.

Bridge for GOP divide?

What Sasse won't be is a firebrand like Ted Cruz or simply another Tea Party insurgent looking to battle the GOP establishment every step of the way.

In a background memo circulated by Sasse strategists, the Kemp analogy is prominent:

" Who Is Ben Sasse? The best comparison is to Jack Kemp. Jack Kemp provided real ideas and real solutions to real problems ... Conservatives will be thrilled with Ben Sasse as a U.S. senator if they are looking for a leader who will propose and fight for conservative solutions from a constitutional perspective, but they shouldn’t expect him to adopt an instinctual reaction of ‘no’; nor should they expect that he will go out of his way to annoy establishment GOP leaders.

"There are certainly times he will take them on as Senator [Tom] Coburn did a decade ago over earmarks, but he will also choose his battles carefully."

Principled prudence. Now there's a concept!

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